Friday, January 27, 2012

my new year

(image via mollydolly)

Everybody goes January: New Year, New You. That's not really good for me. January is still full of the temptations left from Christmas and, by the time those treats have gone, it's my birthday. For me, January is still full of the indulgence that December had and so this time around, I'm calling February my new year.
By the time February has arrived, I've begun to accept that Christmas is months away, my birthday is over for another year and that its time to buckle down and to do/try new things. This year is no different. My boyfriend and I are still going to do the whole healthy eating routine that many follow in January but we're also going to explore and do more. I'm also going to make more; I was charity shop hunting the other day and found a candle making kit for the bargain price of £2.99. So much cheaper than what I had been looking at. I also have more homemade goodies lined up...I am very excited.
The new year is now in full swing and my head is buzzing with a million things I want to do throughout it; hopefully most can come true/will be successful.


  1. ooog good luck witht he healthy eating... I've just started the same thign myself so hopefully i can keep it up :)

    Loving your blog


  2. Ooh candle-making, that is something I'd love to do. I just don't know if they would smell nearly as good as my Yankee candles.. haha!