Thursday, February 2, 2012

babes in arms

(image via victorianweb)

My baby cousin is being christened in just over the month and I have the challenge of finding an outfit for the occasion. It'll be a big family affair and Alex is coming along too. It'll be the first time he has met all of my Dad's side of the family (he's only met my gran to date), so it's pretty big for us too. I've decided I want to wear a dress or a skirt but still I have no idea where to start! It's in March so the sun is still in its deceptive stage. I need warm, smart/casual dress, that I can wear again.

Any suggestions?

I have started the hunt, and these are some of the options so far.
(dresses can be found on asos and missguided)


  1. I have a christening to get an outfit for too !! I'll let you know if I find anything.. But I'll be checking out your picks. Black dress is my fav so far.



  2. it's so hard-march is still so cold as well.i'm liking the end one on the right at the moment.