Wednesday, March 14, 2012

candle light.

My mum's birthday is coming up but her and my dad came up last weekend and so I gave her a few of her presents early. I decided to give these tea light holders ago after seeing them here charlottehupfieldceramics. I have to say they really are as easy as she says they are. I had a little trouble getting the glue off the tins to start with but Alex looked it up and found a handy trick. If you spread the glue with peanut butter and leave for a couple of hours it should lift the glue- and luckily it did. Then you simply fill the tins up with water and freeze them. Once you've got your block of ice you can start; my pen marks for the patterns starting to wash away as the ice started to defrost so I just used dabs of nail varnish to place my markings. After that, a nail and hammer were used to make the holes. I painted them my mum's favourite colour; I ended up doing two coats and I had to use a cocktail stick to make sure the holes weren't covered by paint. It was such a simple idea but it looks so chic and pretty. I'm so pleased with how these turned out and cannot wait to try new patterns out with different colours.

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