Sunday, March 18, 2012

mum's the word.

So it's a Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mum. I wasn't able to spend the day with her (300 miles will be the reason) but when they stayed last week I managed to get my dad to smuggle her gift into the car ready for today. Through hours of internet browsing I came across a website I wouldn't ever usually think to go on but I did and I got inspiration for my mother's day present. I stuck with the yellow theme but I tweaked what I put it in the box to reflect my mum more. Yellow is a harder colour to buy for than you'd expect but I think there was variety.
I took about my mum all day; she truly is amazing, she owns her own business and is brilliant at all see does. I hope everyone's mum's had a wonderful day and were made to feel like one in a million.

My mum's little box of sunshine.

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  1. It was perfect!! You are such a thoughtful, kind person! Thank You so Much xxx