Thursday, March 8, 2012


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Alex and I have a busy weekend ahead of us and we cannot wait. It'll be good to get away to Kent for the weekend and to do something a bit different. We're currently awaiting the arrival of my parents, who are staying over tonight, before we all head off early Friday morning to Kent. We've got a few things planned; including meeting my friend Chantelle, which is lovely as for once we can meet a little nearer to her side of town. We're also going to do some exploring as we're keen to stay in this area of the country but this side is more expensive that the other side. Alex is also going to be meeting my dad's side of the family. So far he has only met my gran and her husband from that side of the family so it'll be new, exciting and nerve-racking. The christening is on the Sunday and I finally have my dress. It's fairly bright so hopefully the weather will be reflect this and it'll be sunny. We're (mainly Alex) are doing some last minute cleaning before my parents arrive, so it looks a bit more presentable. Better pick up the polish and start least its not hoovering!

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