Thursday, April 19, 2012

city life.

I've lived here in our little flat in Twickenham for a year and half and before that I was in halls so I've been living city life for a good 2-3 years. I love it; sometimes I wish I was right in the heart with all of the people and bright lights, but the suburbs are good until my numbers come up and I could afford a place right in central. Nevertheless there are so many things I love about city life...

# Everything is just a short train ride away.
# The Tower of London.
# Cocktail bars.

# Buses come more often than twice a day.
# Leciester Square's noodles.

# If I'm hungry past 8 o'clock I can go and buy food.
# There is something to see and do, whichever area you're in.
# The hustle and bustle.

(image via londonatnight)

# Seeing friends doesn't take days of prepartion.
# Going out after work.
# The ability to be what you want.

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