Monday, May 14, 2012

my week, according to the photos i've taken.

This week seemed like it was pretty full on but also very relaxed; if that makes any sense whatsoever! The beginning of the week I was still in work mode as I had to go to Brighton for a training day. It was very long and quite boring but on the plus side me and a couple of friends did go explore Brighton afterwards. As you would have seen from my post here we just walked along the pier, but still it was nice to enjoy a little bit of it instead of being stuck in a room and on trains all day. Although I've still had work it's not full on like it usually is and it's not as often so I've had time to just relax and sleep. Lovely lovely sleep. I've caught up on rubbish tv, not had to rush to do anything and of course, do my favourite thing that is baking. Alex and I also went over to a friend's house this weekend for some food, wine and a good catch so watch out for that post this week.

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