Monday, May 28, 2012

my week, according to the photos i've taken.

I've had such a busy week this past week and this one is even busier (albeit less exciting). Alex and I have been enjoying the sun at every opportunity; this resulted in London adventures and lots of days in the park. I spent the beginning of the week putting the final touches to my new look blog-what do you guys think? We had another busy Saturday with friends and our own indoor bbq on Sunday. This week I'm at work all the time so I'm sorry if I don't get round to blogging all that I want. Enjoy the sun, have a good week.


  1. I like the new look, especially the cupcake! These photos looks super nice, I have almost the exact one with the flags on my blog, weird! xxxx

    1. Thanks, yeh, i drew the cupcake and bunting myself. i saw those flags- london living i suppose.x

  2. Its been such a good week for weather... im sure people are happier and nicer becasue of the sun!!