Sunday, May 20, 2012

tower of london.

On Wednesday, me and Alex went to one of my favourite places in all of London; the Tower of London. I adore the place, whether it is actually being in the place itself or just walking alongside it; it just makes me feel happy, and albeit slightly nerdy.
I am a huge history nerd, especially the Tudors; and so seeing Henry VIII's suit of armour and the place Anne Boyeln was beheaded is fascinating to me. It was Alex's first time there and I hadn't been instead there since I was 12 so it was a long time coming. If any one is a history buff or just want an interesting afternoon in London then it is well worth a trip.

(music from foals)


  1. I've not been to the Tower of London in ages but it is definitely on my to do list! Those lion statues are so cool xxx

    1. its a nice way to spend the afternoon, right in the city. the lion statues are actually all made of wire; if you go you'll see loads of other animals dotted about. hope you're enjoying london :)x