Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a little taste of christmas.

For me, one of the most Christmasy smells has to be cinnamon. Any hint of the smell and I think of winter; snuggled up under 2 duvets and so many layers you struggle to move (our flat has heating issues-in the sense that it doesn't like to heat up at all), thinking about going home to visit parents, where they have a fire, going to see the Christmas lights being turned on, afternoons getting darker, and of course the endless Christmas films that I make Alex endure. As you can tell I really do love winter. So other week it was a bit cloudy and almost like the weather we're use to and I thought I'd bring a little taste of Christmas to August and to our house. It was the first time making them, but I made cinnamon rolls (recipe) and boy where they so easy to make and so tasty. Alex finished off most of them but when they were fresh out of the oven, they went down perfectly with a toasty warm cup of tea and an afternoon film.

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  1. These look so amazing, I can almost taste them. How long did they take to make? I might give them a go xxx