Thursday, September 20, 2012

a royal day out.

Last Sunday, armed with slightly sore heads from the night before and money to spend me and mum headed off to Windsor. Even though I live so close it was the first time I'd been. I'd wanted to go for ages and mum and I wanted to go somewhere new. Windsor it was...and it didn't disappoint.
We didn't seem to buy very much but it was nice just pottering around (we visited Eton too). There were some lovely shops filled with everything that I love; it's actually surprising why my purse wasn't empty and my shopping bags full, but still.
I'm definitely going to go back there to explore more- do the gardens and peak around the castle more. I'm hoping that they have a Christmas market or something there as I can imagine how beautiful it will be decked out in fairy lights.

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  1. I´ve been to Windsor and Eton once - and I loved it - like all places I visited in good old Great Britain =)
    I spent a semester abroad at Kingston Universtiy London in 2010. Since then I love your country!

    You have a new follower! Would love to welcome you on my blog too =)