Sunday, October 28, 2012

box it all up.

I love putting together lots of little things to make something whole and this is what Alex and I have been doing. A lot of our Christmas gifts this year are going to be hampers/gift sets of some kind. I thought I'd share a couple more ideas with you (my other make can be seen here).
Film Hamper

Alex and I have done this gift for two different people and so have mixed it up and changed it for both. For his family, it is a romantic night in; including a rom-com, mini love hearts and Christmas popcorn (I have, obviously, yet to make this but it looks awesome!) and for my family- a family film night. They always spend their Christmas Day watching films so we've included a Christmas film, sweets and, because it has to be posted, a mini bag of popcorn, just waiting to be popped. I love making this kind of gift; you can change it for some many people; girls night in with face packs and chocolate, boys night in with an action film and a case of beer.
New Year Hamper
My original idea for this hamper was more like a hamper with all things needed for a New Year's Eve party but it soon changed. This person has a big year ahead, settling into a new home with a baby on the way and so we put together a hamper to reflect this and how big the change will be for him! We've made it a fun by including things like, a party popper to start the New Year with a bang; detox teabags, coffee for the future sleepless nights etc.
I'll be posting more of our Christmas makes all through the winter months (most probably after Christmas too- I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone!). I love this time of year so Christmas posts will become more and more common :)

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  1. What a brilliant idea!!
    Must remember this in the future. Thank you a LOT for sharing :)x