Monday, October 1, 2012

my week, according to the photos i've taken.

It's gone all wintery and I love it.The leaves have started to fall and I'm wearing more layers and thicker jumpers every day. This week, we've been planning more Christmas and winter things, and my parents came up for a quick stop over before going on their lovely holiday. This week I'm just planning more of the same; cozy nights in and a lot of tea!


  1. layers layer layers! It's all about the layers! I love it xx

  2. Lovely - what a great time of year. Everything is thick and warm and colourful.

    Great photos!

  3. I love layers too! Bring on winter time. I love your blog by the way and you have agreat pictures. I would love if you could check my blog out as I am now following yours

    Chloe xo

  4. Oh my gawd I flipping love cross stitch, what are you making? (Unless it is in one of your posts - I'm sorry!) Lots of tea and cozy nights sounds pretty perfect :) xxx