Sunday, October 21, 2012

weekly wishes.

(image via etsy)
# To finish my current book.
# To start reading the book my dad lent me.
# To see if I can buy a lamp sometime soon (it's so dark in the mornings).
Weekly wishes #29
# To start working out again.
# To do all of the above (at least the book part).


  1. How is the Sebastian Faulks treating you? Do you wanna just get it over with? Birdsong was pretty cracking. YOU CAN DO IT THIS WEEK KELSEY. YOU CAN!

    (little motivational message)
    (if we meet up in real life, you'll probably think I'm mental)
    (I'm not)


  2. i LOVE this comment :D I find all once I've started Sebastian Faulks' books I see them through, but the start always takes a while.x