Wednesday, October 10, 2012


As you may have read, I've been trying to make Christmas a bit more homemade and personal. It's also meant getting a lot more organised and prepared but that's fine by me.
I'd thought I'd share one of my projects with you (don't worry, no one will find out their Christmas present this way). These little gifts are for my cousins. I use to make lots of little cross stitch things (or big cross stitch things if I go back to the time I made my gran a cushion cover out of cross stitch) when I was younger so thankfully I was able to pick it up quite quickly again. It's quite relaxing- once I'd turned on a brighter light so that I could see what I was doing!

I've made their initials and now that they're finished it's time to go bargain hunting for some little frames to add the finishing touches to their gifts.

Without bragging, I'm actually pretty pleased with how the homemade Christmas is going and how organised Alex and I have become with it all. We've just finished a couple of hampers and so I will show you them in the next couple of weeks, especially since the Christmas countdown is well and truly on!


  1. These are so sweet, I think I'm going to give it a go x

  2. Ah such a good idea Kelsey! I'm so impressed. Was the cross stitch stuff easy to find? I want to try it again and crochet, so I need a nice little material shop to visit. xxx

    1. i went to hobbycraft-so much stuff so i would try there (they have a website) or ebays actually really good with stuff like that.x