Saturday, November 10, 2012

pizza and prosecco.

My mum came up last Saturday for her annual November trip. Last time she came up for the weekend (this September), we went out, skipped the food and went straight for the cocktails. This ended up in us thinking it was a great idea to walk home instead of getting a bus which, in turn, resulted in me skipping and singing my way home! This time was different, I felt like settling down and watching Saturday night tv. So we ordered pizza and drank bubbles. This time the night resulted in reminiscing about children's tv, our favourite shows, and not a hangover in sight the following morning.


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening! =) Yummi Pizza ... =)

  2. oh it sounds like you two are so close! how lovely :) im close to my mum these days but never was growing up, so i dont think we'd have much to reminisce about lol. We do have a good laugh over old pets and clothes though xx

    1. it's great; think i'm lucky to have this kind of relationship. ahh, we did the same about one of our old dogs too.x