Tuesday, December 18, 2012

christmas garland.

I've wanted to make a festive garland for a few years now but either couldn't find a garland that wasn't already decorated or, I just ran out of time. This year I was finally able to make one (thank you eBay for providing me with an empty garland). I felt so prepared, drying out my oranges in advance, only to find I didn't buy enough lights (a 6ft garland needs a lot of lights guys). So after a quick pit stop and a new set of lights we were ready to start. I love how it looks; I've always envisaged a huge garland around our cosy fireplace but alas there is no fireplace (just a pipe dream at the moment), but still fireplace or not I'm pleased with this little creation of mine, right down to the jingle bells.


  1. Very impressive! I bet this makes the place smell gorgeous. A huge fireplace is a pipedream of mine too.. we'll get there!! x

    1. I would love a fireplace, so jealous of people who do. At least it can (hopefully) be acheived one day. It does make it feel festive :)x