Sunday, December 23, 2012

driving home for Christmas.

(image via the-georgian)
Okay well we're not driving- more like a shift at work, two train journeys (3, if you include the one to work) and then a car ride to my parent's house; but still! Today Alex and I go home for Christmas!! I can't wait, everythings packed and ready to go. We're laden with stuff and a few extra treats for us and our journey (we're pretty exciting and do puzzles on the train ride home). I love travelling home at Christmas- it really puts me into the festive spirit. Saying that, there is a lot of bad weather reports and disruptions to the train journey we need to make. So put your festive fingers together and have them crossed that it's a straight forward journey.
I hope everyone has a fantastic couple of days.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Good luck with your journey! I know it's a bit of a nightmare with the flooding currently! x

  2. I hope the journey didn't take too long! Have a great christmas x