Monday, January 21, 2013

in the meadow we can build a snowman.

When it snows this heavily (well the heaviest I've ever seen here since moving from Devon) it's all about duvets, pjs and staying warm right?! Not on Friday it wasn't (thankfully I had this moment yesterday). I was stuck at work on Friday-no half day for me, just 30 minutes difference from our normal finish. So to make up for it, I came home and cooked a yummy casserole, snuggled under the duvet and read my book, while Alex watched a film. I really love the snow- I just wish it lasted longer.

Our extra slices of cake from Tuesday (here) went down a treat. Especially since I heated them up and the fudge and chocolate went all gooey. Heaven.


  1. I'm from Devon originally and I think down in Plymouth they were hit pretty badly with the snow. My Mum said they had to put an annoucement on the radio to stop people going on the Moors as the farmers couldn't get out for the animals! Lovely photos. So jealous of your cake x

  2. That cake looks far too delicious and I love seeing the snow in different parts of the country. It makes any place magical.

    Laura xo