Thursday, January 3, 2013


(image via frenchbydesign)
Not resolutions, for resolutions rarely stick- but plans. Although I had plans in my head for a while now- after reading Lizzie's blog post (here) it's helped me become more focused in making them come true and now just 'well that was a good idea at the time' plans (it also makes me want to rush out and buy a bunch of flowers).
# Get healthy again:
I usually start this around February, but after this illness I am getting into this in a big way. Alex and I are both going to do this so it'll be nice not to be doing it alone.
# To have a new job:
This one has been a biggie for a while now but this is the year it happens.
# Explore and do more:
A family friend helped me shift this one into even more focus while I was at home for Christmas. So thank you, parts of what you said were true and it helped free me a bit more.
So there you are, just a few plans for the future, I have more plans ahead but you'll have to wait until later this month to hear them.


  1. Plans are definitely a better option than resolutions, I'm definitely right there with you in wanting to explore more.
    Kaz x

  2. It is good to have someone to be healthy with, it is far more motivating when one of you is having an off day! I hope you get the dream job this year! xxx