Tuesday, March 19, 2013

put a bow on it.

I love making birthday cakes for people (1234) and so with my mum coming up a little bit before her actual birthday and it seemed a perfect excuse to make a mess in the kitchen.

This time it was carrot cake and it was yummy and so very easy to make. I'm no whizz at decorating but I try and make them look presentable (I can still note the flaws when others don't).I like the simplicity of this design and how it still looks (somewhat) elegant.

It went down a treat with the birthday girl (which is always the main thing) and as it's her birthday today it only seems fitting to end this by saying:
Happy Birthday Mum!


  1. Happy birthday to your mum! The cake looks amazing, great work! xxx

  2. Aww wow! This is amazing :) your mum's a lucky lady- bet you really made her day!
    Kaz x