Monday, April 8, 2013

my week, according to the photos i've taken.

We've had power cuts galore this week; thankfully (hopefully) it's all been sorted now so besides that it's been paying off our Glastonbury bill- yes it's official we're going. I'm so excited- I've been before so cannot wait to head back there. And then the weather started to pick up at the end of the week, I know, can you believe it? It called for a little bit of shopping and some spring-ish colours. How was everyone else's week?


  1. Glastonbury? check you out! And One Day.. oh One Day, I love that book so much xx

    1. i know! I'm so excited about going back...again. I really liked the book but the film was a let down for me.x

  2. Love the eat natural products and that nail varnish! Great blog :)