Monday, May 27, 2013

my week, according to the photos i've taken.

What is happening to the weather this week?! I've been boiling hot one minute, freezing cold the next and I even had to dig out my boots when it decided to become November again! It is not helping me, especially when I'm trying to shop for new things. My friend this Saturday repeatedly told me to put the jumpers down. I may defy her though and go back for at least one of them sometime this week! My new shoes also arrived this week and I love them. After seeing a pair on pinterest a while back (and knowing Steve Madden is not in my price range) I bought these instead and my goodness they're great. Alex and I also had a date to see The Great Gatsby. I remain unconvinced by it; I need to reread the book and then decide, but so far not my favourite film this year.

This week we're going to:

# watch Django.
# start our Buffy marathon.
# try and enjoy some of this weather.

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