Thursday, August 8, 2013

theatre buff.

The other week I was luckily enough to have my Friday and Saturday nights filled with theatre trips.
On Friday I met up with my bestest and went and saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Covent Garden. It was fine; I've seen better. Neither of us were sure about it, I think my friend summed it up right when, as we were leaving the theatre, she turned to me and said 'well...I'm not quite sure what to make of that.'
Saturday, however, I can only give glowing reviews for. The Daily Fail was funny, witty and intelligent. I realise it's hard to compare it to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when The Daily Fail is a satirical take on the hacking scandal, but I suppose the characters of Willy Wonka and Rupert Murdoch share the same slightly crazed, humorous trait. This play is going places though (I have it on good authority from my friend the director) so if you see The Daily Fail advertised, get your seats and enjoy.

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