Monday, February 13, 2012

fourteen things

So I know many people will come out with the same old speech, I have already said it twice this past week, but why show your love and appreciation for that special someone on one day of the year, surely it should be everyday, right? And yes it should and for most of us it does; snuggling up on the sofa each night, saying 'I love you' every morning, it shows our loved ones that we care. I am a romantic at heart, and despite my reservations about Valentine's Day, I can safely say that if Alex didn't do anything, I would be a little bit gutted. I think that is where most of us stand; be romantic all year through but buy me a card on Valentine's!

Before the actually day occurs, I thought I'd share fourteen things I love about Alex and about us.

# He is patient, I am not.
# I love his attempts at cooking, and going through all the details with me before he starts anything.
# I love that he makes me endless cups of tea.
# We have fun, and make up silly games like we're five again.
# He never stays cold for long, I'm cold all the time.
# He likes surprising me, I hate surprises.
# I love his blue sparkling eyes.
# I love his concentration face.
# I love him playing the guitar, with said concentration face.
# I love that he writes 'I love you' at the end of any message he sends me.
# He just goes with the flow, I have to be somewhat orgainised first.
# I love his cuddles.
# I love his new found determination.
# We have our dog's name already picked out, we just need a puppy.

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