Wednesday, February 29, 2012

lovin' from the oven.

(my friend's 20th birhday cake, my dad's golf course birthday cupcakes, Alex's rainbow cake and Halloween cupcakes)

I love baking, even when the icing doesn't go right and I end up getting stressed and creating a huge mess in the kitchen (Alex usually helps with the tidying part), it's still something I love. Whenever there is an occassion I like to make something in the kitchen. I have Alex's cake all planned out for his birthday at the end of March and I'm very excited for it. Last year I made him a huge rainbow cake; it was the heaviest cake I have made! No doubt this years cake will be stressful and trying to hide it in a one bedroom flat, in a kitchen with no storage space is not an easy task! The first task of it all is getting the ingredients ready; after that, I just have to wait until he is out the house long enough for me to make it, decorate it and hide it!

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