Monday, February 27, 2012

my week, according to the photos i've taken.

Last week has been filled with lots of different things. I finally got my eyes tested and guess what... I did need a new perscription. Putting my glasses on makes such a difference, despite how much it cost and how much I hate the opticians I am glad I got it sorted. We also made pancakes this week; they weren't great but Alex liked them. We also had our first proper date night in ages. It was lovely; we went to our local curry house and ate so much. We got back home, crawled into bed, watched tv and ate chocolate. I think I was asleep by 10.30. It was a lovely night. I've also got some exciting news from work this week; I've decided to up my contract. It's going to make such a huge difference come payday and it is a weight lifted off my mind as I finish uni soon and needed more hours at work. I've also been essay writing this week. I cannot wait for those days to be over. I'm planning on finishing it tomorrow; but for tonight, well Alex and I are going for dinner again.

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  1. Many people do need to go the opticians but put if off. Glad you went. And I don't need glasses to know that curry looks great!