Thursday, March 15, 2012

i'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair.

I love dry shampoo and I usually always have a can of it in with the rest of my hair products etc. Usually I stick to my old faithful, Batiste Original, but recently, while out shopping with my mum, we came across a new dry shampoo. Charles Worthington's Front Row Refresh and Revive Dry Shampoo. As it was part of a Boots deal my mum got one product and I got the dry shampoo. I thought I'd review the two to see how the classic lives up to my new addition.  
I first used the Batiste when I went to my first Glastonbury and it has served me every since. Maybe it is the sense of nostalgia; as I spray the can I am instantly reminded of misting up the tent every morning trying to look somewhat clean. The Batiste is perfect any time you need to sort those roots out for an extra day before you wash your hair properly. It is light in your hair and it doesn't leave any residue. However, if other people also used dry shampoo they would probably recognise instantly that you hadn't done your hair as the smell is quite distinctive.
The Charles Worthington also has its pros and cons. It is also light weight but it leaves you and your surrounding area with a slight coating of dry shampoo. Luckily it doesn't do this to your hair and it wipes away quite easily, however, I would prefer it to stay in the can or go on my head not my black clothes! It also has a fresh smell to it and isn't as distinctive as the Batiste. You can also get away an extra day without washing your hair and just using the Charles Worthington, which is always handy if you're running late in the mornings.
Overall, its a tricky one to pick, old faithful over a new product. I think for a camping trip, weekend away and tight budgets Batiste is my winner; but if you wanted it to look slightly cleaner for longer and some added volume and a 'treat yourself buy' then the Charles Worthington is the way forward.

(images via allure and boots)

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  1. Ooo.. I've always just stuck to Baptiste ! Defo going to try out a spray that offers a little bit more. Anything that means I don't have to wash my hair as often is a winner in my eyes !