Thursday, March 15, 2012

we're early, we're early for a very important date.

So last week my parents came up and had a pit stop at our flat before we all carried on to Kent. Luckily I knew, roughly, what time they were coming and was able to put together my mum's early birthday tea party. I made sure it was a complete surprise and I think it paid off! It was a lot of baking the week leading up to it but it was worth it to see my mum's face as she saw the table. I made the colour theme purple and yellow as purple is her favourite colour and yellow as it tied in with the daffodils (another favourite of mums).
I made macaroons for the first time and I think they went pretty well, I'm definitely going to experiment with more colours, flavours and icing the next time I make them. The marshmallows that were made also went down a treat. I got the idea from the ever faithful pinterest and they turned out great. I used normal icing and made it yellow and lilac and then just coated them in sprinkles. It wasn't all sweet things though; I also made southern fried chicken bites, courgette polpettes and paninis.
The cake was my favourite thing to show my mum. I did the sneaky all white (raspberry flavour) icing to cover the cake like I did with Alex's rainbow cake, although this one had iridescent edible glitter sprinkled on top. I also decorated the top with some print out butterflies that I simply attached to garden wire (inspiration from rubyju). Once you opened the cake though it was three layers and a rich purple. My mum was very surprised and hopefully loved the cake. I take it as a good sign that half the cake, the marshmallows and the macaroons were packed up and sent home with them at the end of their stay on the Monday.


  1. Oh my goodness this is the most adorable/kindest thing ever! You are such a good baker! I tried macaroons once but I didn't cook them enough and it was a disaster! I'm glad your mum liked it! xxxxx

  2. It was the nicest, kindest surprise!! I loved it all,,, but particularly the cake,,,,,it was beautiful to look at, inside and out!! I loved the scheme with the purple and butterflies!! My girl knows me well!!!
    Thanks You sooooooooooooooooo much my special girl! xx