Sunday, March 4, 2012


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What a lovely thing to come home to after a long, boring Sunday at work; thanks to thatclassybrit for awarding me the versatile blog award. Her blog is wonderful, full of everything, I suggests you take a look at it.

7 Random Things...
1.I have double jointed wrists and it freaks Alex out.
2.I've watched all the lotr films more times than I can count.
(image via lotr.wikia)

3. I love nothing more than coming home and putting my pjs on.
(image via designmom)
4.There is usually always a bottle of wine in my fridge.
5.I love reality/trashy tv.
6.I own way too many sunglasses.

(image via flickr)

7.Some of the music I listen to; its like I'm my 14-year old self all over again!

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