Wednesday, April 4, 2012

let them eat cake.

Now I'm sure many of you know that I love to bake and try new things so with Alex's birhtday last Saturday it was the perfect opportunity to try a new kind of cake. Last year here had a rainbow birthday cake but this year I went for two cakes: a burger cake and a pizza cake. I got the idea of the burger cake here but I thought I'd make it on a bigger scale. As it was a last minute decision I didn't have all the resources I wanted but I worked with what I had. The red for the ketchup was hard so it ended up looking more like bacon but the must and lettuce went okay. I even used a brownie centre as the burger. As for the pizza cake, this was very time concuming but worth every minute. I knew I wanted to do a pizza cake but I got a few pointers from here. I'm so pleased that it turned out well and looked realistic. Alex's favourite bit was how the 'crust' looked like it was baked; he also liked eating it!

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