Friday, April 6, 2012

youth today?

(image via thepigmancometh)

Now, I am not saying this is true all the time but today, on my way home from work, it was very much the case. I don't know whether it is an age thing (if it is, I am going to feel very old) or just society in general but the conversations I had to listen to on the bus for 45 minutes today made me angry and annoyed. Seventeen year old boys acting like they had slept with every girl that looked at them (I'm not one to judge on looks but I'm pretty sure they aren't a big hit with the ladies). It was revolting the way the described to the packed out bus what they had done and were going to do. When did boys air their private lives to whole crowds of people they didn't know; some stories weren't even them bragging. Why oh why would you carry on if the story is not in your favour?! When I got home I told Alex about it and said his friends and him never spoke like that about girls or anything like that. Why is their no chivalry or even pride in boys. Maybe this is what it's like for girls now. I no way am putting the male race all into this category as you can see I have called these subjects boys, not men. It makes me glad that I have someone who does not act like that, but I feel sorry for the girls still looking. 

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