Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i love you in the morning...

(image via weheartit)

I love weekends; I love Sundays. I've never hidden my love for Sundays (here) but most Sundays I work (boo). Sunday before last was a perfect one and very much reminded me of home. We shopped, watched a family film and ate a roast, followed by a homemade pudding. It's safe to say we were all sleepy after that and pretty much rolled our way into bed! It was lovely- all that was missing was a nice warm fire and the dogs sleeping in front of it.

(image via athoughtfuleye)
This Sunday was a good one too, if I ignore getting out of my toasty bed to head to work. The evening was filled with more homemade food, good friends and a few glasses of wine. And the heating was on...cozy and a little warmer! I need all my Sundays like these.


  1. Your dogs are just the cutest thing ever x

  2. Your dogs are adorable!! I love sundays- only sad thing is that they end too soon then its monday again :(
    Becky xx

    1. i love them dearly, and wish they were closer. they would always be involved in my posts! haha. just having sundays off would be enough for me :)x

  3. Sundays are the best!!!! Love them...<3