Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekly wishes.

(image via pinterest)
# Join library (I have a day off in the week, I'm going to do it then).
# To finish my cv (it's so very close to being done).
# To catch up with a friend, either this week or next.
Weekly wishes #25
# To actually join the library.
# To find an effective way to heat our flat.
# To have lots of cozy nights in.


  1. Hi there, found you over at Charlotte's blog - I love discovering new UK bloggers and am a new follower!

    So excited to read more!

  2. Hi- i loved your post on Charlottle's blog too! Your dogs at home are so cute! Your weekly wishes posts are such a good idea!
    Becky xx

  3. I found you on Charlotte's blog too! I thought I'd say hi, I've read through some of your posts and I love them! You are now firmly ensconced in my Google Reader, I'm looking forward to reading your next posts! :)

    Janey xx

  4. I found you via Charlotte's blog and I love your blog! I'm an instant follower xx

  5. I need to join the library too - libraries are under rated places! Awesome blog too :) x

  6. Well done on getting your cv done :) I hope you get an awesome new job from it. Enjoy the cosy nights in too, I have those planned myself this week x

    1. thank you, fingers crossed :) i love cozy nights, had a day of it today.