Sunday, October 7, 2012


I didn't write, tweet or talk about this too much in case I jinxed it but after a long battle with queues and website crashes I finally got through and I finally got Glastonbury tickets!
I couldn't be happier (I may have squealed when I actually got to the booking page); I've been twice before and it was amazing. In fact, the first year after I went that I couldn't go I refused to watch it on tv and sulked around the house for 4 days.
Not this time! Alex is coming too this year; he's never been before so I can't wait to explore it all with him. Now to start tent shopping.


  1. Eeeep! Congratulations, it will be amazing! Very jealous xxx

  2. I got tickets aswell! So excited :) I went in 2011 and had genuinely the best 4 days of my life, so I am so excited to go back. Cannot believe how quickly the tickets sold out this year though xxxxx

    1. i went in 2008 and 2009. so i'm very excited to go again :)