Sunday, October 7, 2012

weekly wishes.

# To buy some much needed ingredients.
# To resist the urge to put on my coat for just a little bit longer.
# To start properly hunting for a bedroom lamp.
Weekly wishes # 27
#To save some money.
# To finish off some Christmas presents.


  1. Kelsey you're freaking me out with 'finishing off some Christmas presents' Your're so organised! Maybe in the run up to Christmas you could do some gift inspiration posts so I can steal your ideas?!xxx

    1. haha, already on my list of blog posts to do. x

  2. This has reminded me that I need to start thinking about Christmas. Although I probably will put it off until a week before, as normal, and have a mad rush to make everything I shoulda made ages ago (: xx

  3. I love your list! I think I'll borrow you idea and start putting my lists on my blog!This way maybe I'll do most of it what's on them ;) xx