Saturday, January 19, 2013

mini dishes and sparkly cupcakes.

Whenever Alex and I go out for dinner in London, Alex always seems to chose tapas. I love all the mini dishes and if we had our way (and the bill didn't have to come at the end) we'd probably would end up working our way through the menu in one sitting. Tuesday night, before our theatre trip (here), we went and ordered our loveliest tapas, and it was yummy. We also added a strawberry daiquiri to our meal; this was not so nice. I am a fan of cocktails and I've had many strawberry daiquiris before, not none quite like this. If rum and little else in terms of flavour is your thing, this is the drink for you. I'll tell you something it was a struggle to drink, and thank goodness we had food to go with it! This year we're trying to go to a whole load of new food places so tapas might not be on our menu for a while.

We also, finally, went to Candy Cakes-all I can same is many more delicious and sparkly cakes will be consumed from there. I'm a pretty big fan of putting glitter on my cakes (here and here, to name a few) and so they're on to a winner in my eyes.

Alex thought it'd be rude not to buy some more cake and bring it home with us. The lady was even kind enough to give us two slices for the price of one.

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