Monday, January 7, 2013

my week, according to the photos i've taken.

Finishing the festive season in style and then on to the New Year. I'm jumping on that healthy bandwagon- I usually am quite fit and healthy but the flat just got colder and colder and the duvet and the sofa became more and more appealing, but not anymore (at least, workout first then hibernate). So far this week, I've booked tickets home for a belated birthday to me (I cannot wait), started to do up the flat a bit, those cushions are the biggest and comfiest cushions I've ever seen. I've had my eye on them for almost a year but were so expensive (£35 a cushion, yep each!!) but they went in sale and I did a happy jig in the shop. I like January (once I've actually got over the reality I have to wait a year for Christmas again), it just feels new.

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  1. I love those cushions! They are absolutely gorgeous :) xxx