Saturday, March 30, 2013

put down the phone and sing happy birthday.

(image via acompletelife)

I promised myself a whole day away from social media tomorrow. I know it shouldn't be anything special to shy away from it for one day but I get into such a habit of ' I'll just look at this' and 'I'll just post this' that it'll be nice to be away from it. It also means that I'll have time to completely immerse myself into Alex's birthday. Yes, Easter Sunday and his birthday all on one day. It's safe to say a lot of food will be consumed, especially since his one request for the day is 'to do nothing but watch films and eat chocolate!' This I can do (note to self: work extra hard at swimming in the following weeks, work that chocolate off :P). I'll fill you in on the birthday events and, of curse, the cake but for now, goodbye internet and all your distractions and
 Happy Birthday Alex!

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  1. I hope you had a great social-media free day! Happy birthday to Alex, what a great day to have it on xxx