Tuesday, August 13, 2013

my week(s), according the photos i've taken.

For the past couple of weeks I've been ill (I still am); it is never any fun. But even less when you have to organise a trip home, including baking and carrying a massive cake home to Devon. I even thought I'd be super fit and go to the gym lots and that was wiped out. Still, copious of honey and lemon aside, last weekend was great. I haven't been home since January and so it was great to see everyone. Even the rain didn't dampen my spirits...and there was a lot of it! This week I was spontaneous and went for another trip home; it was lovely and the fresh was helping me feel a lot better...cue coming back to London, being sent home from work and working from home today. I've stocked up on so many vitamins, cough medicines and anything else that's to hand in the hope of getting better and soon. This can't run into it's 4th week can it?!

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