Saturday, August 10, 2013


Why haven't I been sooner?!

After a spot of shopping with my mum we headed for lunch; we already knew where we were going and my goodness we couldn't wait. So much so that we appeared a bit too keen and arrived pretty soon after the doors opened. We could have spent a fortune and so I think we were pretty restrained...this time. I loved the conveyer belt and choosing all the things off it, although we were close to needed a bigger table (I told you, we only had a little restraint). This place is going to become a regular of mine, I can sense it.



  1. I adore yo sushi. The best time to go is blue Monday when all the dishes are the price of the blue ones or for a real indulgent treat sumo sunday is amazing! I am obsessed with their salmon and avocado rolls but at the minute I'm not able to eat raw salmon as I'm pregnant. What was your favourite dish?

    1. There's one being built near me so I'll definitely be taking your advice and probably go on Sundays and Mondays! I love the cucumber rolls and we had some amazing noodles too. There's always so much to try and I'll be heading back to try some others too. Congrats on the baby news :) x