Friday, August 23, 2013

sometimes on a sunday.

^ Sunday morning's breakfast was pretty good too ^

Sometimes you just need a Sunday roast; today is that day. We had initial plans of inviting some friends round and having a traditional family afternoon lunch, instead, we scaled it down. That's right, we made it just us (I feel like saying 'and the dog' which would just be perfect, but we can't have one just yet). We had a typical Sunday, of a late start to the day, strolls, films football and hearty lunch. Next time I swear will be more welcoming and invite people (we did have people over on Friday so we haven't been complete recluses this week), I mean its fast approaching autumn, which means it'll be perfectly acceptable to cook a roast every Sunday.


  1. I think I can say with confidence that I'm ALWAYS in the mood for a proper roast, I'm definitely going to have to make one this weekend now x

    1. Nothing better than winter and roasts.x