Tuesday, March 27, 2012

three years.

That's 1 095.7266 days!!
Me and Alex celebrated our three year anniversary yesterday. It wasn't quite what we had planned but never mind; at least we spent it together. I woke up in the morning feeling dizzy and v. sick, I had to call in sick to work (something I never do) and get myself down to the doctors. They told me I had a viral ear infection in my inner ear, hence way I was dizzy, feeling sick and very wobbly on my feet! I got some meds and they just knock the life out of me. What was suppose to be a shift a work followed by an evening of wining and dining, it turned into a sleep fest to then wake up and plan a nandos takeaway. As soon as I ate that I was pretty much asleep again! Luckily we exchanged gifts while I was awake; I'm still waiting for one of mine, but he got a little Mexican themed gift set as he loves spicy things etc. Hopefully next year doesn't have its hiccups of being ill, the postman not turning up with things and everything will go to plan.

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  1. Your cards are so cute! I hope you're feeling better now, at least you won't forget this anniversary. A nandos sounds a great idea xxx