Thursday, May 2, 2013

borough market.

When I was younger, I was taken through London Borough Market on a whistle stop tour of London by my gran. It was there that she showed me Bridget Jones' house and the spot where she saw Hugh Grant filming scenes from said movie. Fast forward ten years and I'm passing on those facts to Alex (he appreciated them, I could tell) while we were walking through the market, clutching our delicious lunch. It took us 2 walks round just to make sure we had made the right choice. We settled on a hog roast roll filled with apple sauce, pork and fennel and my goodness was it the right choice.

It was so yummy and it certainly kept us full for the rest of the day- and we needed it, we did a lot of walking.
I'm pretty sure we've decided this is the place to eat; just making our way from stall to stall.


  1. That hog roast sandwich looks amazing! I really need to go check out Borough Market xxx

    1. it was so good and so much to choose from. worth going for sure.x